December 29, 2016

The Sentence

The Sentence
A group of words that contain a subject and a predicate and makes complete sense.   The words communicate an understandable message and  reveals a complete thought.

A group of words which begins with 
  • a capital letter 
  • ends with a full-stop (.)exclamation (!) or question mark (?) 

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December 23, 2016


Hi everyone!  Brr it is cold outside!
One of my ELD groups have been working on biographies in their regular classroom and I started to notice the awkwardness in their writing and speaking as they prepared their book reports and oral presentations. 
Time for a couple of lessons on Qualifiers! 

A word or phrase that precedes an adjective or adverb and increases or decreases the quality or meaning of the word.

Here are some of the most common qualifiers in English (though some of these words have other functions as well): very, quite, rather, somewhat, more, most, less, least, too, so, just, enough, indeed, still, almost, fairly, really, pretty, even, a bit, a little, a (whole) lot, a good deal, a great deal, kind of, sort of.

·      qualifiers do not modify verbs
·      qualifiers do not have adverb derivational suffixes, with one or two exceptions, like really and fairly
·      qualifiers cannot be made comparative or superlative
·      qualifiers do not intensify

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December 21, 2016

To Lie - Just for fun!

Hi everyone,
We all goof this one up!
Just to remind us when we are getting ready to lie down or if we are lying down.

present tense of verb 'to lie'
I lie, or I am lying
you lie, or you are lying
he/she lies, or he/she is lying
we lie, or we are lying
they lie, or they are lying

past tense:
I lay, or I was lying, or I have lain
you lay, or you were lying, or you have lain
he/she lay, or he/she was lying, or he/she has lain
we lay, or we were lying, or we have lain
they lay, or they were lying, or they have lain


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December 9, 2016

Friday Freebie! - Kinder Color Game Boad and Color Cards

Hello everyone,

Time for another Friday freebie!

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Kinder Color Game Board and Color Cards

Get ready to have fun practicing colors with this great colorful game board and color cards. This 2 page kindergarten packet includes a game board and color cards for endless fun and color name practice.
This kinder unit will definitely get your students motivated to learn through hands on activities that are so much FUN! 

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December 7, 2016

🔵🔵Video Time! Idioms

Hello everyone,
 Vimeo has some fun videos 👀 and I found some great idiom videos to show my high school kids.  I wanted to share this one...I think they did a great job.

💭A great lesson would include the students having to write down the idioms as they appear in the video and then having them do a survey throughout the school to try and find out their meanings.

I would love to hear your ideas of lessons you would use with this video! 

Idioms from Oh My! on Vimeo.

Happy Teaching♥️!

Idioms from Oh My! on Vimeo.

December 4, 2016

ESL/ ELD Tidbit Time

Hi everyone,
Here is the first ESL ELD Tidbit Time.  Sit back and enjoy a very quick little morsel of delicious infomation about second language learning and learners!
Bon Appetit!

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November 30, 2016

Fun To Teach Upcoming Workshops

Fun To Teach Workshops

FUN TO TEACH is excited to announce our 2017 ELD workshops.

These all day ELD workshops are perfect for your  "ELD professional development!"

This is your opportunity to:

•Energize instruction & learn more about ELP standards & strategies

•Enhance your students' language growth

•Free up time with lesson ideas for all parts of an ESL/ELD

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Workshop #3:  

Connections between Common Core Language Standards and ELD

Whether you are in a push-in or pull-out program this Make and Take workshop is for K-5 ELD and/or classroom teachers working separately or as a collaborative team.

Get an in-depth understanding of the Common Core Language Standards and how they correspond with Second language acquisition with this Make and Take workshop.

This presentation concentrates on strategies and make and take activities, which compare the connections between second language learning and the CCSS language standards.

Friday – Feb 3, 2017 – Portland, Oregon

Workshop #4
Academic Language – The Bridge across the Common Core! What is it?  How to teach it!

ELD and classroom teachers love this workshop as they learn strategies to co-teach academic language and grammar across the curriculum.  This workshop is of particular value to those participating as a cohort or a grade level team.  We explore strategies and activities to build academic language in Intermediate and Early Advanced English language learners, as well as native English speakers.  These strategies are ideal for both push in or pull out programs.

The following areas will be presented and explored:

Phonological Features

Vocabulary and Word Formation




There is time allotted to create multiple Make and Take projects relating to each category.

Friday – February 24, 2017 – Portland, Oregon

Download our workshop flyer and fillable registration form!  Fill in and email your registration today!


Workshop #1

                Oral Fluency and Vocabulary Development

Workshop #1 is for teachers interested in adding another layer of practical knowledge to their ELD instruction.  Enhance your instruction of oral language and vocabulary development with language games, picture cards, songs, chants, sentence frames, and “make & take” lesson plans.

Friday -  March 10, 2017 – Portland, OR

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 Workshop #2:

Strategies for Teaching Intermediate and Early Advanced Language Learners
Assessment, Persistent Errors and ELD Literacy

  If you are ready to tackle the complex issues around teaching intermediate and early advanced students, workshop #2 is for you! This workshop addresses challenges common to more advanced ELLs.

•Assessment – how to use it to guide instruction

•Persistent errors made by more advanced ELLs

•Literacy in ELD – what it is and how do we teach it

Friday - April 7, 2017 – Portland, OR

Workshop #5

Getting To Know The Key Strategies for Teaching English Language Proficiency

Are you ready to get to know the new key strategies that support teaching English Language Proficiency in Oregon? This workshop explores and clarifies the strategies that support academic language and will bring your understanding and classroom instruction up to speed. This workshop will enhance your knowledge of key strategies whether you are brand new to them or already starting to incorporate them into your instruction.

Friday May 5, 2017  – Portland

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Innovative professional development for raising student achievement.

Hope to see you there! 


November 27, 2016

Teachers Pay Teacher Super Cyber Sale!

Hello everyone!
I hope you had a super terrific Thanksgiving with your families.

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Get ready for fun!  This engaging English Past Tense Verb bundle reinforces the past tense with 3 stimulating grammar games and an upbeat catchy tune.

You get 184 pages of fun that will get students begging to practice English Past Tense verbs.  This educational grammar bundle will entice students of all ages.
This fun and fabulous Past Tense Verb bundle includes:
Irregular Past Tense Verb Game
 • 3 Sounds of “ed” Past Tense Verb Game
•Past Participle Verb Game
•Regular Past Tense Verb Song
Increase academic vocabulary, strengthen grammar and build a strong English foundation with this excellent resource from Fun To Teach. 

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November 18, 2016

Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey

Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey - Guided Reading/lesson plan/Unit
Hello everyone!

Are you looking for an engaging book study to celebrate this time of year?  Well here it is!

This Thanksgiving literature unit for Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey by Joy Cowley consists of 10 pages. It can be used during the Thanksgiving holiday season for Guided Reading or a book or unit study. 

The printable black lines in this Thanksgiving book study focus on before, during and after reading activities to engage students and deepen reading comprehension and vocabulary. 

There are printables to guide students through prediction, vocabulary, glossary work, alphabetizing, setting, characters, beginning, middle and end of story, connecting story to personal experiences, graphic organizers for comparing and contrasting, reflection and interpretation. 


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Great printables to excite and interest your students while reading this great Thanksgiving book!


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November 14, 2016

🌹Monday's Quote! 🌹

Hello everyone!
The definition of quote is to repeat someone else's statement, phrases or thoughts.

Here is today's!

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November 7, 2016

🌹Monday's Quote! 🌹

Hello everyone!
The definition of quote is to repeat someone else's statement, phrases or thoughts.

Here is today's!

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November 2, 2016

🔵🔵Video Time! The Third Wheel

Hello everyone,

Aren't idioms fun!Check out this fun video and then read on to make your own interactive idiom bulletin board!

The Third Wheel from Melissa Kumaresan on Vimeo.

This is a picture of an interactive idiom board  for the whole school to participate in.

Idiom Bulletin Board - Step by Step Instructions

This easy, fun and creative bulletin board makes you look like a pro as you develop student vocabulary and language skills. This bulletin board works great in a classroom or hallway for the whole school to be involved with. I wanted a way to involve my school in language development and used this idea. Follow these quick steps and you will be on your way!


4-5 idioms and simple definitions
Computer/word processor
Images to represent the idioms and the definitions
Construction paper
Scissors/paper cutter

Step 1:

Decorate the Bulletin Board with colored Butcher paper of your choice as a background. Use a contrasting borders that complements the color you chose.

Step 2:

Choose a theme for the idioms you will use. Some popular themes include:
Bees, horses, weather, dogs, tired.

Step 3:

Choose 4 idioms. Take care in choosing the idioms. Idioms for intermediate language level students should be idioms that give a hint to the meaning. An example of this is "it's raining cats and dogs". The word "raining" is a clue to the meaning. Early advanced language learners can work with idioms such as, "you're pulling my leg" which doesn't give the learner any clues to the meaning. Choose which language level you want the students to work with.

Step 4:

Collect 1 picture per idiom that displays what the words say and another picture that shows what the idiom means. Use your own classroom images for this or do a quick Google search for "idiom images".

Step 5:

Type up and print the idioms. Glue the typed idioms and the images onto colored construction paper. Cut to size.

Step 6:

Place the 4 idiom images that display what the words "say" at regular intervals across the top of the bulletin board.

Place the text under each picture.

At the bottom of the bulletin board place the image of what the idioms "mean" in random order.

Step 7:

Staple a piece of yarn under the text of each idiom long enough to reach to the image that shows the true meaning of the idiom. Tie a loop in the end of the piece of yarn so children can attach the yarn to the correct meaning.

Step 8:

Stick a pushpin into the bulletin board above the random images that shows the true meaning.

You now have an interactive bulletin board where students can match up the idiom to the image of its meaning by attaching the looped yarn to the push pin above the image of the true idiom meaning! Watch your students have fun and learn about idioms!

Happy Teaching!

Article Source: [] Idiom Bulletin Board - Step by Step Instructions. By []Lori Wolfe

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October 31, 2016

🌹Monday's Quote! 🌹

 Hello everyone!
The definition of quote is to repeat someone else's statement, phrases or thoughts.

Here is today's!

Happy Teaching!

October 24, 2016

🌹Monday's Quote! 🌹

Hello everyone!
The definition of quote is to repeat someone else's statement, phrases or thoughts.

Here is today's!

Happy Teaching!

October 17, 2016

🌹Monday's Quote! 🌹

Hello everyone!
The definition of quote is to repeat someone else's statement, phrases or thoughts.

Here is today's!

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October 10, 2016

🌹Monday's Quote! 🌹

Hello everyone!
The definition of quote is to repeat someone else's statement, phrases or thoughts.

Here is today's!

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October 5, 2016

🔵🔵 Video Time! Brain Breaks!

Hello everyone,

This short video from the Teaching Channel💜  shows a classroom teacher giving a brain break to her students.  

These breaks let kids move as they transition to a new subject or activity!  Great idea!

What types of transition moves do you use with your students?

Pop in a comment and let us know!

🌺 Happy Teaching!