Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

Hello everyone,
I wanted to share this great poster with you all.  Drawing conclusions and making inferences are essential skills for  students to develop.  Each of these skills require students to fill in the blanks left by an author. 
Students must learn to put the pieces together to understand the whole message or story the author is trying to convey.
Essential pieces to putting the puzzle together include:
  • Thinking about personal experiences
  • Using clues from the text
  • Thinking about what is known about the character
  • using clues from illustrations.
 This chart helps students visually with each piece of the puzzle!
Let us know what your favorite ways of teaching students how to draw conclusions and make inferences.

 Click here if you would like to check out this graphic organizer.  It is a great help to students when they need to extra support in writing!

Happy Teaching!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Monday

Happy Monday lovely friends!  Here is the quote for the week!
an A 
is just three sticks.

Happy Teaching!  Let's get out there and do it!
“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

List of the Top 60 Common Academic Words

Hi everyone,

I came across this list of Academic Words at Vocabulary.com.  Click on over and see how the site has tabs for definitions, notes and examples and words only.  They also have tabs for practice and spelling bees.   
This is a great list for Vocabulary expansion to help students see the relationship between words.
create (verb)
creation (noun)
creative (adjective)
creatively (adverb)

Their list of words include:

  1. analysis
  2. approach
  3. area
  4. assessment
  5. assume
  6. authority
  7. available
  8. benefit
  9. concept
  10. consistent
  11. constitutional
  12. context
  13. contract
  14. create
  15. data
  16. definition
  17. derived
  18. distribution
  19. economic
  20. environment
  21. established
  22. estimate
  23. evidence
  24. export
  25. factor
  26. financial
  27. formula
  28. function
  29. identified
  30. income
  31. indicate
  32. individual
  33. interpretation
  34. involved
  35. issue
  36. labour
  37. legal
  38. legislation
  39. major
  40. method
  41. occur
  42. percent
  43. period
  44. policy
  45. principle
  46. procedure
  47. process
  48. required
  49. research
  50. response
  51. role
  52. section
  53. sector
  54. significant
  55. similar
  56. source
  57. specific
  58. structure
  59. theory
  60. variable
Happy Teaching!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Check out our Pinterest Boards!

Hello everyone!

Wow the school year is coming up fast!
I was working on my Pinterest boards today and wanted to tell you all about the 81 boards I have made to share.  I couldn't believe I had so many!  

If you have a moment, click on over to Pinterest and check out the Fun To Teach boards.  

There is something for almost every teacher!

Some board names are:
Math and ESL ELD
Academic Language
Math Vocabulary Games
Pronouns for ELD ESL
Figurative Language 

I am also part of some group boards including:
Spanish Learning
Anchor Charts and Foldables
Math for Second Grade 
Fabulous and Free

Click here to go to the Pinterest boards by Fun To Teach!

Happy Teaching! 


Friday, August 8, 2014

Summertime! 9 Week Planner

Hello everyone!
Summertime is blissful.  A time we can rest and recharge our teaching batteries!

That being said, August is here and I am finding my thoughts drifting back to school.

I made this 9 week planner to help organize my plans for the upcoming year.  I put it together by titling each area I would be teaching.  

Click here to download and see what sections you can use for your year long planning!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!! Back to School Sale!

Hello everyone!
720 × 90

It is school time again!  If you are like me, your brain is thinking about the coming school year!  
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Tongue Twisters!

Hello everyone,

It is time again for Tuesday's Tongue Twisters!  Pronunciation can be a
challenge for second language learners.  A fun lesson to increase accuracy is to practice an assortment of tongue twisters.  Tongue Twisters lower the affective filter of English language learners and kids of all ages love to practice the sing-songy fun of a great tongue twisters.

  • We surely shall see the sunshine soon.
    • A big black bug bit the big black bear, but the big black bear bit the big black bug back!
    • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. How many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?

    Tongue twisters are fun and engaging for young English learners.  They are also culturally significant and native speakers of English are always willing to join in the fun of this challenging practice.

    Click here to download our freebie sample of Tongue Twisters!

    If you want the full version of our Tongue Twisters product, Click Here!

    Tongue Twisters Pronunciation Made Fun!  This 48-page pronunciation unit has everything you need to teach students the correct pronunciation necessary to be academically successful in English. Tongue Twisters – Pronunciation Made Fun contains 30 traditional tongue twisters to help elementary students master English pronunciation!  Wall posters and game cards are provided for your students to practice the sounds of English with these engaging tongue twisters.   In addition, our activities and ideas provide fun and interest so your students learn through hands-on experiences. This unit is ready to go to work for you! Tongue Twisters – Pronunciation Made Fun has everything you need to teach students the correct pronunciation including black lines for the 30 traditional tongue twisters as wall posters, game/mobile cards and game boards Each of the 30 tongue twisters has its own wall poster and game card.  Practice English pronunciation with fun activities and game boards.  •WORD WALL CARDS •GAME BOARDS •GAME CARDS  Each tongue twister is printed on an individual wall poster (8 x 11 ½) and game/flash card. Simply copy, cut, and use.  Use this great English pronunciation package for kindergarten through 6th graders.  Perfect for second language learners and speech students!  See all our great math and grammar games at www.funtoteach.com.

    What are some of your hardest tongue twisters?

    Happy Teaching!
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