January 26, 2012

Portland Workshop

Hello everyone,
Sandy and I are off to Portland for our Strategies for Teaching Intermediate and Early Advanced Language Learners Workshop!  We are looking forward to working with all the Portland area teachers!  Back after the weekend.

Happy Teaching! Lori


  1. Hello there,
    My name is Kelly.
    I'm considering getting a TEFL certificate and after looking around a lot I think I've decided on a group called www.InternationalTEFLAcademy.com
    I was wondering if anyone has heard of this group and know whether they are a legitimate TEFL acrediting provider.
    Thank you for considering my query.
    you can respond to me via email kmtoots@hotmail.com


    1. Hi Kelly,
      I don't know this company. I am adding this to my facebook page and maybe someone will be able to give you some feedback!
      Happy Teaching,

  2. Hey there! I know you are at your workshop! Enjoy! Left you a FB message but leaving note here in case you missed it--I'm posting my "Get to Know This TpT Teacher-Author" post tonight and it's your turn. Be sure to visit Innovative Connections to see it! Thanks, Ann Marie

    1. Thank you Ann Marie
      You rock! Thanks so much!
      The Portland presentation went great. It was so energizing working with all the dynamic Portland area teachers!
      Can't wait to see your post and I will promote on my blog and facebook page!
      Thanks again,