February 15, 2012

Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse - Resources for Spanish Bilingual Teachers

Hi everyone,
Here is a brand new blog/website that will interest bilingual teachers:  Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse

Lidia Barbosa created this website to provide Spanish resources for bilingual teachers.  She is hoping to connect public school, home school, and daycare teachers Spanish resources for bilingual children in.

This is what Lidia says on her "about" page:
It is our hope that you are able to find ideas and resources that you are able to use in your classrooms.

We would like to help you decrease frustration, working long hours, translating or spending your weekends and holidays working at school. No more teacher burn-out. Sit back, relax and browse through our site for ideas. Please keep in mind that this is a new site and we will work hard to add new ideas and resources.

Keep an eye on this website as it grows by clicking above or here is the URL.


Happy Teaching!



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  2. Hi,

    This is truly a excellent resource for learning basic verbal and written Spanish speaking skills to facilitate communication with Spanish speaking parents and clients. Thanks a lot.

  3. This book is my 3rd grade students favorite! I recommend it twice over to all elementary ELL teachers.

    available at www.benpoppbooks.com

    Jean Dupree's Language Spree!

    Patrick, Nick, Mickey, Jini, Chung and Pierre receive a new student in their class named Jean Dupree. The friends are shocked to hear Jean is all the way from France! For weeks, the friends noticed Jean can’t cope in the school system. To bring Jean out of his shell, they must introduce American customs as well as the English language. Throughout teaching Jean, the friends discover Jean has things to teach them as well! Jean Dupree depicts the face of (ESL) English as a Second Language students today, experiencing hardships when trying to adjust.

  4. Me encanta es una gran idea, especialmente porque somos muchas las maestras Latinas que sera de mucho interes, puedo colaborar con algunos proyectos que hago en mis clase.

  5. Hola Lidia! trabajo en mi casa por tres anos en mi Home Day Care Sweet Cloud Bilingual, y me encanta ensenarles mi idima a mis ninos realmente disfruto mi trabajo, amo educarlos a temprana edad, para mi es muy importante empezar temprano la educacion del nino.