March 17, 2012

Spanish Preterite Past Tense Verb Game

Hi everybody!
It's Lori from Fun To Teach wishing you a happy weekend!

I created this great resource to teach Spanish Past Tense in my classroom and my kids have a blast and learn a lot!

It is a simple game board and cards, but has 6 great games and activities.
Tons of fun!
Click on the image below to see more!

Click on the image to learn more about this fun product!

Happy Teaching!
Lori Wolfe
Happy Teaching! Lori


  1. Hi Lori Wolf,
    I peeked at your blog.
    Thank you for your concern about teaching Spanish, which is my mother tongue.
    Do you happen to have published something about our subjuntive? I hear many learners of Spanish here in Spain to have a serious problem or the sort to use our subjuntive.
    A correct example: "Cuando vengas, te diré una cosa muy importante." Many American people here in Granada - it's the largest # of foreign students here in this city - tend to actually say:
    "Cuando vienes, te diré una cosa importante."
    I guess it's rather hard to interiorize and use the subjuntive in Spanish. Isn't it?
    Another field of problems (no!, let's call it 'challenge' to learn, which is far more positive) is the use of prepositions within a sentence. The same challenge of learning does happen when you're learning English: I make mistakes and errors when using some prepositions for ex. when they're attached to verbs.
    Summing up, I hope all this comment be of any use for you - actually I don't know if you've said something about these two points in your blog and games.
    At your disposal. Oh, I saw you in interesting TeacherLingo, where this great team publishes some of my posts.
    Fernando Díez Gallego
    Teacher of English and teacher trainer
    I love teaching English. My case is TEFL, not TESL, as you can infer.
    Granada, Spain

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Stay tuned for more information about teaching English!
    Happy Teaching, Lori