August 14, 2012

GLAD resources for you!

Hi everyone,

Many of us use GLAD strategies, units and techniques in our teaching and I thought it would be fun to spend this week looking at what resources are on the web that relate to GLAD units and strategies.
Click here to go to Project GLAD site

 Project GLAD is a researched based guided language acquisition design model. 

Here is what Project GLAD says about their program:

Project GLAD is a model of professional development in the area of language acquisition and literacy. The strategies and model promote English language acquisition, academic achievement, and cross-cultural skills.  Tied to standards, the model trains teachers to provide access to core curriculum using local district guidelines and curriculum.
Project GLAD is an instructional model with clear, practical strategies promoting positive, effective interactions among students and between teachers and students. Project GLAD develops metacognitive use of high level, academic language and literacy.

Mission:  Project GLAD is a curricular model of professional development dedicated to building academic language and literacy for all students; especially English learners.

Upland Unified has a small selection of GLAD units and videos with some chants!

Click here to go to Upland Unified site!


 Click here to see some of their units!


Stay tuned this week and we will look at more resource dedicated to GLAD strategies!

Happy Teaching!

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