November 9, 2012

Reading Graphic Organizers

 Hi everyone,
Last weekend as I was searching for graphic organizers and got lost in all that Scholastic had!

Here is just a taste...

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Organizer Patterns

Organizer Patterns
• Organizational Outline
• Idea Web
• Cyclical
• Venn Diagram
• Overlapping Concepts
• Cause-Effect
• Timeline

Reading Comprehension

• KWL Chart
• Author Tools
• What's the Main Idea?


Story Elements: Character Analysis and Setting

• Character Sheet & Traits List
• Character Comparison Sheet
• Setting Stage
• Setting Comparison

Story Elements: Plot and Sequence

• Plot Diagram
• Plot Sheet and Conflict List
• Problem & Solution Diagram
• Follow the Clues
• Sequence of Events
• Story Map
• Story Train


• My Reading Record
• Independent Reading Contract
• Teacher-Student Reading Conference Form
• Checklist of Strategies Students Use Before Reading
• Checklist of Strategies Students Use While Reading
• Checklist of Strategies Students Use After Reading

Happy Teaching!

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