November 11, 2013


Helllo everyone!
I am excited about being listed in an article by Masters in ESL.
They compiled a list of resources and included the Fun To Teach Blog!  Yahoo!
The best part is all the great resources they list for teaching ESL.  Take a minute and check it out!

Happy Teaching! Lori


  1. :) congrats
    and such a great content.

  2. Hello Lori, first I want to comment on your blog. I love it. I am currently working on receiving a bachelor's degree in Early Education with ESL. I use your blog all the time because it is such a great resource. Your posts are so helpful to me in my classes. I am currently working on an Advocacy Plan in getting ELL parents engaged in their children's education. Do you have any pointers on how to get other ESL teacher's in my community involved ? I feel that family involvement is so cruical in an ESL student's development. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your blog, I love all your ideas and tips! Sincerely, Angelique Mata