August 10, 2018

💕Friday freebie!💕 ELD - DESCRIBE LOCATION and COMPARE - Advanced Grammar Unit and Lesson Plan

Polish up your students' English grammar.
This ESL and ELD unit builds upon the ever-popular children's story - The Lady with the Alligator Purse. Kids love this sing-song rhyme, and we do, too!

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The Lady with the Alligator Purse provides the strong foundation from which we build schema and expand students' knowledge of English grammar used to describe location and to compare. We provide all you need to teach the English your students need to DESCRIBE LOCATION and COMPARE.
This unit includes reproducible black lines for advanced level of language instruction. This unit has approximately 49 pages.

This unit includes:
-Grammatical forms to go with each lesson.
-Word lists for topic vocabulary, nouns, verbs, idioms, and more
-ESL Lesson plans that connect grammatical forms to two language functions
-Songs and Chants
-Say It Quick picture sheets
-Student booklets
-Picture cards
-Picture cards with words
-Game boards and game cards
-Assessment rubric

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Happy Teaching
Lori Wolfe

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