November 14, 2011

Oregon is adding "Illocutionary" to the ELPA scoring this year. What is that?

Hi everyone!  According to my understanding this year the Oregon ELPA will include 2 new categories.  One of them is ILLOCUTIONARY Score Reporting Categories 6.

According to ODE's website:
The illocutionary category measures the context of the response. This scale also measures the amount of description, for example if the prompt asks for three activities to be described, does the student provide description for three activities. Other examples would measure the degree to which the student provides a detailed description relevant to the prompt.

Illocutionary responses address what is happening in the prompt. Responses that do not address the prompt or simply describe a picture score a zero on the illocutionary section of the rubric.

Scores for the writing short-answer items, for example, range from zero to four. The rubric scores both the grammatical and illocutionary writing. Scores for the speaking items range from zero to six and the rubric addresses both grammatical and illocutionary speaking.

This information is from:
ELPA Grades 2 – 3
ELPA Test Specifications and Test Blueprints
12 Oregon Department of Education
Office of Assessment and Information Services

What are you doing in your classes to prepare your students for this new scoring component?

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