January 22, 2012

Emails to Classroom Teachers -

Here is an email I sent out before MLK Day to our clasroom teachers.  Many of them used it!  Always trying to get those language objectives included in every classroom lesson!  Here it is:

Hi everyone,
If you are looking for a language objective for MLK day, this might work for
Beginners and Early Intermediate Speakers:
TSWBAT orally explain what MLK means to them using correct pronouns.
Intermediate and Early Advanced Speakers:
TSWBAT orally or in writing explain what MLK means to them using past tense

What does MLK mean to you?
Why is MLK important to you?
____means _______ to me.
___ is important to me because____.

MLK is important to me because _____________.
MLK is an important figure in U.S. history because________.

Happy Teaching

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