April 24, 2012

Collocations - Verbs and expressions with prepositions

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Are your ready for more information on collocations?

Remember a COLLOCATION is an expression of two or more words that go together.  Collocations "sound right" to native speakers, but are difficult for English Language Learners who lack the native speakers intuition.

Although grammar is important when teaching English, it is also important to teach ELLs which words go with which other words.

EnglishClub.com has given us some great examples of Verbs and Expressions with prepositions:
verb + expression with preposition
  • We had to return home because we had run out of money.
  • At first her eyes filled with horror, and then she burst into tears.
  • Their behaviour was enough to drive anybody to crime.

 Check out



for an extensive list

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