July 20, 2012

Bathroom Vocabulary Freebie for you!

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Check out this freebie and all of our great curriculum at the Fun To Teach store on Teachers Pay Teachers:
Click Here  To get your unit free!

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July 14, 2012

A Turn to Learn: How to Print on Sentence Strips

Ms Jessica over at A Turn To Learn has done it again.  Click on over to see how to print on sentence strips.

A Turn to Learn: How to Print on Sentence Strips: Here it is... the long awaited post... How to print on sentence strips!  I have to say, ever since I figured out how to do this, I have not ...

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July 2, 2012

Did you see this?

Hi everyone,
Forest Grove School District in Oregon is a great resource.
Their webiste is packed with ready made goodies for you.
Click Here to go to Forest Grove Website

I was particularly excited when I saw their web page dedicated to GLAD UNITS.   Here is what Forest Grove says about GLAD:

The Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) is a  highly successful, structured immersion model of professional development for teachers in multilingual classrooms (Grades K-8). Through Project GLAD training, teachers are provided with research, theory and effective strategies that promote academic language, literacy, academic achievement and cross-cultural skills. The project has been used successfully with more than 30,000 English learners nationwide.

List of Glad Units

Ancient China 6th Grade

Animal Adaptations 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Aztec, Inca, Maya Technology 6th Grade
-Big Book Pictures
-Narrative Pictures


Cycles and Seasons - K

Dinero - 1st Grade (English/Spanish)

Endangered Northwest Forests - 3rd Grade

Exploradores - 5th Grade (Spanish)

Flight - 3rd Grade (English/Spanish)

Geographical Representations - 7-9 

Geometry and Measurement - 3rd-4th Grades (English/Spanish)

Holidays and Symbols of U.S. - 1st-3rd Grades (English/Spanish)

Human Body Systems - 2nd Grade

Insects - 1st Grade

Mammals - 1st Grade (English/Spanish)

Northwest Native Americans - 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Oregon Economy and Government

Plantas - 1st Grade (Spanish)

Plants - 1st-2nd Grades (English/Spanish)

Rocks & Soil - 3rd Grade (English/Spanish) 

Simple Machines - 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Volcanoes & Earthquakes - 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Weather/Water Cycle - 1st Grade (English/Spanish)


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