July 25, 2012

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July 20, 2012

Bathroom Vocabulary Freebie for you!

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Check out this freebie and all of our great curriculum at the Fun To Teach store on Teachers Pay Teachers:
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July 19, 2012

Freebie alert!

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As teachers we know how important it is to have a firm understanding of prefixes. Research shows the importance of building students’ vocabulary. When students learn and review prefixes they see relationships between and among languages. Many prefixes have a basis in Latin – also the basis for Spanish. Unknown words or new vocabulary can be figured out by students when they use their knowledge of prefixes.

That being said, check out this great freebie:

This 27 page game packet increases your students' abilities to identify number prefixes in Spanish and gain meaning of unfamiliar words through play. By playing the 3 games included in PREFIJOS DE LOS NUMEROS students become familiar with these great prefixes. They learn that simply understanding and recognizing number prefixes can help them interpret the meaning of unfamiliar words, both mathematical and non-mathematical. This game package includes black line masters for:
-Bulletin board number prefix introduction sheets
-Game board
-Game cards
-Concentration cards.
-A variety of games
-Activities to send home
-Easy to use teacher's guides
-Easy game assembly

Check out this site for more game and activities for teaching Math Prefixes in any language!

Math Prefix Activities

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Reading Graphic Organizers

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Last weekend as I was searching for graphic organizers and got lost in all that Scholastic had!

Here is just a taste...

Click here to go to their site!

Organizer Patterns

Organizer Patterns
• Organizational Outline
• Idea Web
• Cyclical
• Venn Diagram
• Overlapping Concepts
• Cause-Effect
• Timeline

Reading Comprehension

• KWL Chart
• Author Tools
• What's the Main Idea?


Story Elements: Character Analysis and Setting

• Character Sheet & Traits List
• Character Comparison Sheet
• Setting Stage
• Setting Comparison

Story Elements: Plot and Sequence

• Plot Diagram
• Plot Sheet and Conflict List
• Problem & Solution Diagram
• Follow the Clues
• Sequence of Events
• Story Map
• Story Train


• My Reading Record
• Independent Reading Contract
• Teacher-Student Reading Conference Form
• Checklist of Strategies Students Use Before Reading
• Checklist of Strategies Students Use While Reading
• Checklist of Strategies Students Use After Reading

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July 17, 2012

Graphic Organizers!

 Hello everyone,
I was looking for a variety of graphic organizers over the weekend and stumbled upon Thinkport.
Thinkport. Think education. Think Maryland.
They offer a collection of graphic organizers that you can integrate into activities and lesson plans or use by themselves. 

They offer three different formats:
  • HTML, which is viewable with any browser
  • PDF which is viewable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Word, which is viewable using Microsoft Word®

Check them out!

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July 14, 2012

A Turn to Learn: How to Print on Sentence Strips

Ms Jessica over at A Turn To Learn has done it again.  Click on over to see how to print on sentence strips.

A Turn to Learn: How to Print on Sentence Strips: Here it is... the long awaited post... How to print on sentence strips!  I have to say, ever since I figured out how to do this, I have not ...

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July 11, 2012

Polka Dots & Pencils: 100 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY!!!

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Lot's of freebies here!  Click on over to Lacie's blog and enter this great contest!

Polka Dots & Pencils: 100 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY!!!: IT IS FINALLY HERE FRIENDS!!!!!! I have finally reached 100 BLOGGY FOLLOWERS!!! WOOHOO!!! My giveaway begins today and will end ...

July 2, 2012

Did you see this?

Hi everyone,
Forest Grove School District in Oregon is a great resource.
Their webiste is packed with ready made goodies for you.
Click Here to go to Forest Grove Website

I was particularly excited when I saw their web page dedicated to GLAD UNITS.   Here is what Forest Grove says about GLAD:

The Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) is a  highly successful, structured immersion model of professional development for teachers in multilingual classrooms (Grades K-8). Through Project GLAD training, teachers are provided with research, theory and effective strategies that promote academic language, literacy, academic achievement and cross-cultural skills. The project has been used successfully with more than 30,000 English learners nationwide.

List of Glad Units

Ancient China 6th Grade

Animal Adaptations 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Aztec, Inca, Maya Technology 6th Grade
-Big Book Pictures
-Narrative Pictures


Cycles and Seasons - K

Dinero - 1st Grade (English/Spanish)

Endangered Northwest Forests - 3rd Grade

Exploradores - 5th Grade (Spanish)

Flight - 3rd Grade (English/Spanish)

Geographical Representations - 7-9 

Geometry and Measurement - 3rd-4th Grades (English/Spanish)

Holidays and Symbols of U.S. - 1st-3rd Grades (English/Spanish)

Human Body Systems - 2nd Grade

Insects - 1st Grade

Mammals - 1st Grade (English/Spanish)

Northwest Native Americans - 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Oregon Economy and Government

Plantas - 1st Grade (Spanish)

Plants - 1st-2nd Grades (English/Spanish)

Rocks & Soil - 3rd Grade (English/Spanish) 

Simple Machines - 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Volcanoes & Earthquakes - 4th Grade (English/Spanish)

Weather/Water Cycle - 1st Grade (English/Spanish)


Happy Teaching! Lori