August 29, 2012

Modals: Extra verbs attached to the root verb that add nuances of meaning

Examples: could, would, should, can, will, shall, may, might, 
must, ought to, etc.

What should (would, could) he have done?

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August 25, 2012

The Ultimate "Middle Years" Giveaway

Welcome to the  
2012- 2013 Going Back Fully Stashed Blog Hop

This event is being sponsored by two amazing middle school teaching blogs, Lessons from the Middle and Innovative Connections.

Drum roll please...I would like to introduce everyone to Science Stuff.
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August 24, 2012

The Ultimate Middle Years Giveaway and Blog Hop

Lessons From The Middle
Hi everyone!

Are you ready for school?  Well some educational bloggers are here to help you out!

The Going Back Fully Stashed blog hop gives you a chance to win $300 worth of prizes (products and TPT shopping spress) which will be broken into three awesome prize packages for three lucky winners.

The giveaway/blog hop is August 25th-27th

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August 20, 2012

GLAD Strategies!

Hi everyone!This is a great slide show that presents some effective GLAD strategies for teaching second language learners! Thanks Helmi! Happy Teaching

  Glad strategies pp
View more PowerPoint from templehelmi

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August 18, 2012

GLAD Resources from SAUSD

Hi everyone,
Santa Ana Unified School District website is a terrific resource for GLAD strategies and units!
They have K-5 units, about 3 per grade level.  There are links to pages for GLAD strategies which were not working when I visited, but said "coming soon".

Check it out!

SAUSD logo

Click here to go to SAUSD

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August 16, 2012

More GLAD resources

Hi everyone,
Here is another resource for GLAD units!

Click here to go to the units page

They have a couple of 3rd grade complete units.  One is on light and the other is on Native Americans.

They also have resource pages that include great classroom photos of the different GLAD strategies.

Story map:

Teacher Made Big Book:

Thanks Rialto Unified!

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August 14, 2012

GLAD resources for you!

Hi everyone,

Many of us use GLAD strategies, units and techniques in our teaching and I thought it would be fun to spend this week looking at what resources are on the web that relate to GLAD units and strategies.
Click here to go to Project GLAD site

 Project GLAD is a researched based guided language acquisition design model. 

Here is what Project GLAD says about their program:

Project GLAD is a model of professional development in the area of language acquisition and literacy. The strategies and model promote English language acquisition, academic achievement, and cross-cultural skills.  Tied to standards, the model trains teachers to provide access to core curriculum using local district guidelines and curriculum.
Project GLAD is an instructional model with clear, practical strategies promoting positive, effective interactions among students and between teachers and students. Project GLAD develops metacognitive use of high level, academic language and literacy.

Mission:  Project GLAD is a curricular model of professional development dedicated to building academic language and literacy for all students; especially English learners.

Upland Unified has a small selection of GLAD units and videos with some chants!

Click here to go to Upland Unified site!


 Click here to see some of their units!


Stay tuned this week and we will look at more resource dedicated to GLAD strategies!

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August 10, 2012

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August 6, 2012

The Art of Teaching Second Language Learners

The 4 D's: Demographics/Definitions/Decrees/Development
Demographics: Did you know that English language learners (ELLs) comprise approximately 10% of the students in the United States? That's over 5.1 million students!

Definitions: Although each state creates its own exact definition, the federal government gives us this general definition: An ELL is a student who comes from a language background other than English and whose limited comprehension of English is sufficient to create academic difficulties.

Decrees:  According to NCLB ELLs must meet two criteria: 1) learn English and 2) meet grade level content requirements.

Development: It takes two to tango! Classroom teachers are responsible for the content learning of their ELLs. English Language Development teachers are responsible for English proficiency. More specifically, ELD teaches the English that students need to be successful in schools but will not learn during the rest of their school day.

Here are some tried and true strategies from both the content teacher's and the ELD teacher's point of view:

Student Interaction: Kids need to talk!

Content teacher: Provide authentic opportunities for your student to express their learning.

ELD teacher: Provide structured language practice that practices specific structures in English.

The 4 Modalities: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Content teacher: Reading and writing provide the bulk of instruction with speaking is the culminating event: a speech or presentation

ELD teacher: Speaking provides the bulk of instruction with writing is usually the culminating event.

Classification: Our brains are pattern seekers.

Content teacher: Graphic organizers are the best of the best practices. Use them as often as you can!

ELD teacher:  Organize your instruction by function, form, and classes (vehicles, bathroom vocabulary, prepositions).  When the classification is built in students have a framework for the new vocabulary and grammar structures.

Routine:   Create a learning environment.  Students are ready to learn when they know the schedule.

Content teacher: Be predictable!  Set a schedule and stick to it.  Teach routines and procedures.

ELD teacher:  With routines and procedures well rehearsed your students will be ready to learn and you will make the most from your precious ELD time.

Visuals and Manipulatives:  Concrete and image based teaching makes the content accessible to ELLs.

Content teacher: Use math manipulative materials, word walls with pictures, real objects (realia), provide pictorial cues along with word cues, graphics, maps, photos, word banks,

ELD teacher: Make it visual.  Oral language development and visuals go hand and hand.

Native Language:  Use native language when possible.

Content teacher: Partner same language students to help with translation, send homework in the native language when possible to connect school and home.

ELD teacher: Cognates, cognates, cognates.  Also see which idioms occur in both English and the students’ native language.

Educating English Language Learners is a team effort.  When the classroom teacher and the ELD teacher collaborate great things happen.

Happy Teaching
Lori Wolfe

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August 3, 2012

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August 1, 2012

The Magical Product Swap with Splish, Splash, Splat!


Hi everyone!
Like all of you I am getting ready for the coming school year!

Some fellow bloggers got together to swap products and review each others great works.  Laura from  Mrs. Castro's Class blog and I teamed up for this great product swap.  Just like everyone else did with their partner,  Laura let me choose one product of my choice from her TpT Store to review

I was looking for something on place value to use with some of my second language learners in a before school math club.  Lucky for me,  Laura has an amazing product that I recently put together and would love to share with you.

Laura's unit is Splish, Splash, Splat!   It is fabulous and you will absolutely love this unit full of Splat-tastic math and literacy activities.  She created two units, an all English version and a bilingual (English and Spanish) version.  I opted for the bilingual version!

Drum roll please...

Splish Splash Splat TpT Preview
This unit accompanies the reading and study of Splish, Splash, Splat!, by Rob Scotton.

This incredible unit has 120+ pages yes you read that right!

120+ pages packed full of fun math and literacy activities to extend the study of this great read aloud.

Included are the English and Spanish activities listed below:  I added pictures of some of my favorite activities in this pack!

*I-can task cards for each center
*Place Value Center

*Money Center
*Money Worksheets
*Word Problem Booklet
*Student Survey
                                                                      *Writing Craftivity

                                                                                           *Mixed-Up Sentences Center

*Noun & Adjective Sort

*Character Compare & Contrast Activity

 *Character Development/Text-to-Self connection Sheet

*4 sets of I have, Who has cards

*English: Fry Sight Words
*Spanish High-Frequency

                                 There is just so much to this unit!  Click here for more information on this great unit by Laura Castro!

Laura has reviewed one of my units!  Click here to check it out!  

Don't forget to check out Laura's blog by clicking here!

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