October 24, 2012

Prefixes on Utube

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share some great YouTube videos for teaching Prefixes.  Stay tuned for some rap and rock and roll!

Happy Teaching!

October 22, 2012

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone who attended Friday's workshop in Portland.  We shared knowledge and learned about the Common Core connections to  ELD.  Oregon ELD teachers rock!
Happy Teaching!


October 15, 2012

Have you heard of Lanternfish?

Hello everyone:

Lanternfish ESL
This is a great site for ELD teachers:

It has Worksheets, lesson plans, games and more.  This site has printable resources for free!

My favorite page is the ESL Game Board Page.  It has a ton of game boards and they can be edited to suit your needs or  ready to print!

ESL Game Boards

Check it out and let us know what you found on this site that is helpful!
Happy Teaching,

October 6, 2012

Ready for a freebie?? Possessive Pronouns

Hello everyone!

Possessive Pronouns Complete Package- Lesson Plans - ESL ELD

This 15 page ESL ELD unit provides the strong foundation from which to build schema and expand students' knowledge of possessive pronouns. We provide all you need to teach the English your Beginning and Early Intermediate language learners need to practice and perfect Possessive Pronouns.

Included in this unit:

-Picture Cards
-Vocabulary Word Cards
-Game Cards
-Lesson Plans and Ideas
Perfect for ESL/ELD classes and great to use with native speakers of English or ELL second language learners. Have fun and watch your students sing themselves to better English grammar!

Please go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store for a free unit on Possessive Pronouns!
Click here for Possessive Pronouns free!


October 3, 2012

Martha The Speaking Dog!

Great website for Vocabulary Building!

Do you know Martha the talking dog!  Martha can help you kids increase their vocabulary in a fun way.  This site has games that enrich vocabulary through play.

According to PBS:
The goal of Martha Speaks is to increase oral vocabulary, the words we use when we talk. The shows are not trying to teach kids how to read. They are designed to help kids understand what words mean when they hear them; words like retrieve, sprout, and craveMartha Speaks is designed to teach up to 20 words in each show. And how better to get kids excited about learning and trying out new words than with a talking dog, who just can't stop talking?!

Click here to check it out!