December 27, 2012

Hey Oregon Teachers! Check this out...

Hello everyone,  I was recently looking through the ODE site and found this monthly e-newsletter that we can sign up for.  It is specifically geared to ELL teachers.  This is a list serve that mails out newsletters of state updates and is open to all of us to sign up for.  The URL to register is here:  ( Click here ) The following is the blurb the state put on their website:


About ORSLTeachers
English (USA)
The Oregon Second Language Teacher Update is a monthly e-newsletter that provides teachers and other educators with information about professional development opportunities, teacher and student competitions and awards,lectures, concerts, and exhibitions. Distributed by listserv, the current issue and past issues are posted here. To learn about subscribing to the Second LanguageTeacher Update, please visit the Content Area Teacher
Newsletters web page.

I clicked on the archive link and there weren't any.  I believe this is a new addition to their site.  Does anyone know about this newsletter?  I signed up, so I will keep you posted on what I receive.

Happy Holidays and Happy Teaching! 

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