March 31, 2013

Really Good Stuff Blog Article

Hi everyone!
If you are interested in reading an article I wrote about semantic gradients, click on over to Really Good Stuff.  I am a monthly columnist for them and December's post was all about gradients!

Semantic Gradients and the Common Core Standards

Photo by Lori Wolfe
by Lori Wolfe, Monthly Columnist
As elementary teachers we are always looking for and finding strategies to use with our students that broaden and deepen their understanding when reading. We know that when students, especially second language learners, can distinguish between the shades of meanings of related words, then they can be more precise and imaginative in their writing. Shades of meaning are the small differences among words that are related to a specific topic or idea. 

Click here to read!

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March 29, 2013

ELL Teacher Pros

Breaking Through Barriers To Language Acquisition

Hi everyone,
Laurie over in Hillsboro sent in this link to ELL Teacher Pros.
This website and connecting blog have information on Common Core, technology, teacher resources, classes and more.  I particularly liked the tab with ELLS and ESL, which provides a collection of sites ELD teachers are interested in.

Check it out here!

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March 23, 2013

Color Poetry by my Niece Alex

 Hello everyone,
My darling niece Alex wrote some amazing poetry all around color.

Super cool...


Pink is the princess in every girl
Pink is the shine of a beautiful pearl
Pink is a lollipop, nice and sweet
Pink tastes like cotton candy , a special treat
Pink smells like lovely, light perfume
Pink sounds like music that fills all the room
Pink feels like a friend when you are love sick
Pink looks like a pot of cute lipstick
Pink makes me happy and light on my feet
Pink is what makes the color wheel complete


                                    Blue is sadness, depression, despair
                                            Blue is crying everywhere
                                            Blue is never having hope
                    Blue tastes like ice cream when you're trying to cope
       Blue smells like your friends' clothes when you're sobbing on their shoulder
                     Blue sounds like sobbing louder when it gets colder
                        Blue feels like the tears streaming down your face
                    Blue looks like a frown hidden behind a smiling case
                 Blue makes me watch movies that are depressing and sappy
                                   Blue is a color that is never happy


                                  Green is life sprouting out of moist soil
                        Green is a magnificent garden belonging to the royal
                        Green is a tree swaying gracefully in the soft breeze
                             Green tastes like a fresh salad eaten with ease
                      Green smells like a handful of mint, picked fresh and new
                 Green sounds like rustling bushes with critters passing through
                   Green feels  like sharp branches poking through your clothes
                     Green looks like a long, thick stem of a deep, red rose
                             Green makes the world full of life and joy
                        Green is the leaves of flowers given to a girl by a boy


I hope you all liked them! Thanks for reading! XOXO, Alex

Happy Teaching!


March 22, 2013

31 ELD Titles on CD Super Sale!

Hey Teachers,

Click on over to the Fun To Teach website to check out our spring sale that is going on now until the 15th of April.

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March 13, 2013

Freebie for you! Prefijos de los nĂºmeros

Hi everyone,
As teachers we know how important it is to have a firm understanding of prefixes. Research shows the importance of building students’ vocabulary. When students learn and review prefixes they see relationships between and among languages. Many prefixes have a basis in Latin – also the basis for Spanish. Unknown words or new vocabulary can be figured out by students when they use their knowledge of prefixes.

That being said, check out this great freebie:

This 27 page game packet increases your students' abilities to identify number prefixes in Spanish and gain meaning of unfamiliar words through play. By playing the 3 games included in PREFIJOS DE LOS NUMEROS students become familiar with these great prefixes. They learn that simply understanding and recognizing number prefixes can help them interpret the meaning of unfamiliar words, both mathematical and non-mathematical. This game package includes black line masters for:
-Bulletin board number prefix introduction sheets
-Game board
-Game cards
-Concentration cards.
-A variety of games
-Activities to send home
-Easy to use teacher's guides
-Easy game assembly

Check out this site for more game and activities for teaching Math Prefixes in any language!

Math Prefix Activities

Happy Teaching,

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March 9, 2013

Facebook page link up!

Hello everyone,
I have linked up with 1,2,3 Teach With Me for a Facebook Link Up Party! 

Get a cup of tea, sit back and click on over to 123 Teach and go Facebook hopping through a wide variety of teacher bloggers with Facebook pages. 

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March 5, 2013

ELD Curriculum Super Sale

Fun To Teach

Reproducible ESL Grammar
& Thematic Units on one CD
31 Titles and Game boards all included!

Hi Teachers!
If you are looking for ways to increase oral academic language in your ESL students and save teacher time these products are for you!  Hurry and order today sale ends April 15, 2013.

  31 ELD Titles on CD
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That’s over 1000 pages of lesson plans, games, activities & songs to engage your second language learners in rigorous English Language Development!
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You get all these titles:
• Things That Go! Beginning
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• Things That Go! Advanced A-J
• Things That Go! Advanced J-Z
• Bathroom Vocabulary Beginning
• Bathroom Vocabulary Intermediate A-S
• Bathroom Vocabulary Intermediate S-Z
• Bathroom Vocabulary Advanced
• Eating Verbs Beginning
• Eating Verbs Intermediate
• Eating Verbs Advanced
• Possessive Pronouns
• Reflexive Pronouns
• Songs and Chants Volume 1
• Prepositions
• Irregular Past Tense Verbs
• Three Sounds of “ed” Past Tense Verbs
•Past Participle Verb Game
•6 Game boards
Uppercase Letters
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Generic game board
Math Vocabulary Games:
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Hurry sale ends April 15, 2013.

Yes, we take Purchase orders!  Download our order form and fax in the order today to receive your order by mail.

Download our attached order form.

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March 2, 2013

GLAD resources!

Hi everyone!
A colleague from Hillsboro sent in this great glad resource.  It is a link to Everett School District in Washington state.  If you are interested in GLAD strategies and resources, grab a cup of tea, sit back and click on!

Thanks to Laurie Howard for this gem!
Happy Teaching!