August 30, 2013

Really Good Stuff Blog Article

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If you are interested in reading an article I wrote about Back to School with Second Language Learners in the Classroom, click on over to Really Good Stuff.  I am a monthly columnist for them and September's post was all about establishing a learning environment for 2nd language learners!  Coming back to school after this long break seems like a great time to review some of these helpful ideas!

Back to School with Second Language Learners in the Classroom by Lori Wolfe

Back to School with Second Language Learners in the Classroom by Lori Wolfe by Lori Wolfe, Monthly Columnist

As we head back to our classroom and prepare for a new school year, many of us will find English Language Learners (ELLs) on our rosters. I would like to share some ideas used to establish a warm, and supportive learning environment for second language learners.

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August 27, 2013

Favorite Structured Language Practice Activities!

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Recently I was asked for a list of my favorite structured language practice activities.  There are so many that it was hard to choose just a few.  I began to compile a list of these tried and true old favorites and I thought I would share them here with you.  Each Tuesday for a while I will post a couple of fun activities to promote language practices.  Many you will recognize or remember and hopefully you will find one or two to use with your class!  I would love to hear what some of your favorites are!
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A/B Partners
1.   Each student has a card with either an A or B written on it.
2.   Signal so that students with the As find a B, and Bs find an A.
3.  As prompt their partner with the language prompt or questions
4.  Bs respond with the language reply.
5.   Students switch cards with the same partner find a new partner.

 “Switch It”
Use this activity after teaching a grammatical form. 
1.   Students write a response to a language prompt or question.
2.   Students find a partner and take turns reading their written reply.
3.  After reading, students switch papers and find a new partner. (Remember perfect practice, not a race.
4.  Language practice continues until teacher calls stop!

August 25, 2013

4 More Resources

Hi everyone,

Laura over in Hillsboro sent me 4 more resources I would like to share with you.

The name of this site...English for everyone...says it all!  If you need an instant worksheet here it is!  (requires free wikispace registration)  COMPREHENSIVE SITE  great, teacher-friendly handout for classroom teachers


Thank you Laura!

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August 23, 2013

Academic Language Graphic Organizer!

Hi everyone,
Academic language is a complex concept and requires teaching students the phonological features of English, vocabulary and word formation rules (Lexical knowledge), grammar, discourse, and cognition.  I wrote a blog post about the difference between academic language and academic vocabulary, what follows is a brief summary.

Academic language is the overriding concept and has the following facets interwoven into it:
·      Vocabulary and word formation includes teaching prefixes, suffixes and roots, tier 1, 2, and 3 words (here is where academic vocabulary comes in), parts of speech, multiple meanings of words and the grammar rules that apply to word formation and usage.
·      Phonological features include the sound patterns and intonation of English.
·      Grammar comprises the correct use, rules, and understanding of the parts of speech, word classes, inflections, increasing word complexity, understanding complex sentence structures and syntax.
·      Discourse entails the ability to use words to organize knowledge and exchange ideas,
·      Cognition encompasses the mental action of thinking, understanding, learning and remembering.
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August 18, 2013


Hello everyone!

It is that time we have all been waiting for!



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15 Grammar Goofs!

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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August 12, 2013

Back to School Parent Resources

Back to School Parent Resources

Explaining the Common Core Standards

Welcome back to school everyone!

 Like many teachers, I want my student’s parents to understand the Common Core State Standards.  I am planning to send home a ‘Back to School’ letter, which will start my Common Core Parent Awareness Campaign for parents of English Language Learners (ELLs) at my school.    

My plan is to distribute this information over the next few months.  By sending home monthly “Common Core Information Letters” I hope to make sure parents understand the standards that are connected with each elementary grade level and add some tools they can employ at home to help support their child’s education.

Below is a list of resources I found that are available in English and Spanish.

Who:  National PTA
What:  Grade level Parent Guides in English and Spanish

The National PTA provides a wealth of information!  Click on over to this site for K-8 and High School parent guides for English language arts and mathematics (English and Spanish).  They developed these guides to help parents become familiar with the expectations for student performance at each grade. The guides include “talking to the teacher” and activities parents can do with their children at home.

The following description is taken from their website:

Parent Guides

Two-page Parents' Guides to Student Success (Color)
Color versions of the two-page Parent Guides
Four-page Parents' Guides to Student Success (Black and white)
Black and white versions of the four-page Parent Guides
Four-page Parents' Guides to Student Success (Color)
Color versions of the four-page Parent Guides

Who:  Council of the Great City Schools
What:  Parent Letters in English and Spanish

This informative resource in English and Spanish is from the Council of the Great City Schools.  The guides at this site offer parents roadmaps to the Common Core.  The roadmaps cover what K-8 students learn in English Language Arts and Math.  The menu on the left hand side offers these “roadmaps” in Spanish.

Who:  Education Northwest
What:  Parent information letters in English and Spanish

Education Northwest produced a series called “Spotlight on the Common Core State Standards”.  One of the issues in that series aims to inform parents on what they need to know about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and how the standards will influence teaching and assessment. 

The following description is taken from their website:

Spotlight on the Common Core State Standards - What Do Parents Need to Know?  A series published by Education Northwest to keep regional stakeholders informed about the Common Core initiative.

Let me know what resources that you use to keep your parents up to date with the Common Core!

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August 2, 2013

Free Common Core Standards eBooks - Teachers Pay Teachers

Hello everyone,
Are you ready for free ebooks packed with Common Core lessons?
Here it is!

Tons of great grammar units...many free and many pay items.

check it out!

Free Common Core eBooks for Grades K-2

These are compiled by TpT Teacher-Authors Deanna Jump and Rachelle Smith.

Free Common Core eBooks for Grades 3-5

These are compiled by TpT Teacher-Authors Margaret Whisnant and Wise Guys.

Free Common Core eBooks for Grades 6-12

Free Common Core Standards eBooks - Teachers Pay Teachers

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