May 14, 2014

Language Strand of the Common Core State Standards

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I am presenting a workshop Friday in Portland that goes over the common area between the CCSS language standards and what we teach in ESL.

If you are interested in reading an article I wrote about Common Core Standards:  ELLS and the Language Strand, click on over to Really Good Stuff.  I was a monthly columnist for them and September's 2012 post was all about the Language Standard of the Common Core!

Common Core Standards: English Language Learners (ELLs) and the Language Strand

Photo by Rachel Grimes
by Lori Wolfe, Monthly Columnist
We are off and running with common core as we approach full adoption in the 2013-14 school year. With this in mind, have you checked out the Language Domain of the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) standards? This great domain elevates the importance of English grammar, conventions, vocabulary in the classroom. It is essential for classroom and ESL teachers to understand this important strand.

As you know, the strands or domains of the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts include:

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