August 20, 2016

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Let's continue on our discussion on running a center based classroom.  Let's take a look at the answers to some common questions teachers have as they get started!

 Questions and Answers!
Q: What is a center?
A: A center is a physical area in a classroom set aside for a specific
learning purpose. The center has appropriate materials and supplies
so students can work individually or in cooperative groups.
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Q: How many students should I put in each group?
A: We recommend three to four students in each group at each center.
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Q: How long do students spend at each center?
A: Twenty to thirty minutes at each center is an adequate amount of time for students to complete most center activities.
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Q: How do students know where to go when it is time to rotate centers?
A: By teaching and practicing the routines and procedures you want followed at center time, your students will know what you want them to do. We suggest you follow a clockwise rotation pattern to rotate students through centers.
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Q: How do I group my students for centers?
A: To teach to the varied levels in all classrooms, we suggest you group your students by reading abilities. By grouping students this way, you can meet the instructional needs of all your students in language arts. Learning centers will allow you to teach to your low, medium, and high ability groups and move everyone forward.

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For more in depth information on running centers in an elementary classroom Click Here!

Check our next post for more insights to running centers in your classroom!

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For more in depth information on running centers in an elementary classroom Click Here!

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