November 30, 2016

Fun To Teach Upcoming Workshops

Fun To Teach Workshops

FUN TO TEACH is excited to announce our 2017 ELD workshops.

These all day ELD workshops are perfect for your  "ELD professional development!"

This is your opportunity to:

•Energize instruction & learn more about ELP standards & strategies

•Enhance your students' language growth

•Free up time with lesson ideas for all parts of an ESL/ELD

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Workshop #3:  

Connections between Common Core Language Standards and ELD

Whether you are in a push-in or pull-out program this Make and Take workshop is for K-5 ELD and/or classroom teachers working separately or as a collaborative team.

Get an in-depth understanding of the Common Core Language Standards and how they correspond with Second language acquisition with this Make and Take workshop.

This presentation concentrates on strategies and make and take activities, which compare the connections between second language learning and the CCSS language standards.

Friday – Feb 3, 2017 – Portland, Oregon

Workshop #4
Academic Language – The Bridge across the Common Core! What is it?  How to teach it!

ELD and classroom teachers love this workshop as they learn strategies to co-teach academic language and grammar across the curriculum.  This workshop is of particular value to those participating as a cohort or a grade level team.  We explore strategies and activities to build academic language in Intermediate and Early Advanced English language learners, as well as native English speakers.  These strategies are ideal for both push in or pull out programs.

The following areas will be presented and explored:

Phonological Features

Vocabulary and Word Formation




There is time allotted to create multiple Make and Take projects relating to each category.

Friday – February 24, 2017 – Portland, Oregon

Download our workshop flyer and fillable registration form!  Fill in and email your registration today!


Workshop #1

                Oral Fluency and Vocabulary Development

Workshop #1 is for teachers interested in adding another layer of practical knowledge to their ELD instruction.  Enhance your instruction of oral language and vocabulary development with language games, picture cards, songs, chants, sentence frames, and “make & take” lesson plans.

Friday -  March 10, 2017 – Portland, OR

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 Workshop #2:

Strategies for Teaching Intermediate and Early Advanced Language Learners
Assessment, Persistent Errors and ELD Literacy

  If you are ready to tackle the complex issues around teaching intermediate and early advanced students, workshop #2 is for you! This workshop addresses challenges common to more advanced ELLs.

•Assessment – how to use it to guide instruction

•Persistent errors made by more advanced ELLs

•Literacy in ELD – what it is and how do we teach it

Friday - April 7, 2017 – Portland, OR

Workshop #5

Getting To Know The Key Strategies for Teaching English Language Proficiency

Are you ready to get to know the new key strategies that support teaching English Language Proficiency in Oregon? This workshop explores and clarifies the strategies that support academic language and will bring your understanding and classroom instruction up to speed. This workshop will enhance your knowledge of key strategies whether you are brand new to them or already starting to incorporate them into your instruction.

Friday May 5, 2017  – Portland

Download our workshop flyer and fillable registration form!  Fill in and email your registration today!


Innovative professional development for raising student achievement.

Hope to see you there! 


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