November 30, 2018

💕✅Friday Freebie

 💕Hello everyone,

Here is this weeks freebie!
The 3 Sounds of "ed" Past Tense freebie Verb Game  This fun and effective freebie grammar game, The 3 sounds of "ed" Past Tense Verbs games and grammar activities are engaging and enjoyable ways for children to practice using The 3 Sounds of "ed" Past Tense Verbs.  This free game packet contains some of the great games/activities found in our original game packet.  This package consists of : *GAME BOARD *GAME CARDS *WORD CARDS *NUMBER CARDS  These grammar based games with lesson plans and activities give students the opportunity to practice English vocabulary and language skills in a fun and relaxing setting. As students play these engaging games they naturally transfer skills they learn in class!  Please follow us!

This fun and effective freebie grammar game, The 3 sounds of "ed" Past Tense Verbs games and grammar activities are engaging and enjoyable ways for children to practice using The 3 Sounds of "ed" Past Tense Verbs.

This free game packet contains some of the great games/activities found in our original game packet. package consists of :

These grammar based games with lesson plans and activities give students the opportunity to practice English vocabulary and language skills in a fun and relaxing setting. As students play these engaging games they naturally transfer skills they learn in class!

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November 28, 2018

✅ Friday Freebie! ✅ ESL/ELD K-5 Curriculum Map a year long pacing guide!

ESL/ELD K-5 Curriculum Map - a year long pacing guide!

Planning for the year can be overwhelming. Many of you have been asking me for my ESL/ELD curriculum map so here it is!

This year-long ESL/ELD curriculum map, broken down by week, will help you plan your year for all 3 language levels.

✅ Beginner/early intermediate
✅ Intermediate
✅ Early Advanced/Advanced

Each month, under each language level there are language components that I teach during that month. You more than likely have your own resources, activities and curriculum to teach these components. ♥If I have a product that contains all or parts of the language I teach during that month I have listed it. All resource images are click-able links for your convenience. Just click on the image you want to see and it will take you to my TPT store.♥

Each month has a combination of ELD units and/or grammar components essential for English learners. Again choose some or all of what I have here. Feel free to mix it up to suit you!

Click Here to download from TPT!

Every classroom is different! Every teacher teaches differently, and I tried to create this year curriculum map with many different types of classrooms and teachers in mind. I know you may need to tweak this to the needs of your students, classroom, and administration. That’s OK! For example, March is testing month for me. If you need to switch months around to meet your testing time, that is just fine. Do what is best for your students in your classroom.

There is even a column for holidays, which you can use or not use, your choice. How awesome is that people? I mean the whole year is planned out for you.

Click here to download!

Happy Teaching!

November 24, 2018

💕TPT Cyber Sale 💕 SHOP, SHOP, SHOP :0)

TPT Cyber Sale 

starts Monday November 26 and 27th!

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Download for your TpT Store Page Column Banner - 160 × 200As busy teachers we have hectic schedules.  Check out some of these resources that will cover you for upcoming school holidays, events, etc.  Happy Shopping!


ESL Newcomer Sentence Starters
 I am so excited about my new line for ESL newcomers.  

Here is the first resource to help get your newcomers writing!
 My newest products are just around the corner!  I am so exicited about the ESL Newcomers packet Series.  They  are about to be released on TPT!  If you are looking for a  systematic instructional curriculum resource to offer your ESL Newcomers, this is it. 
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50 Back to School Sentence Starters

50 Back to School Sentence Starters
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Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey - Guided Reading/lesson plan/Unit

Valentine Verbs Vocabulary Word Wall 

MLK Martin Luther King Word Wall Cards

MLK Martin Luther King Word Wall Cards

End of the Year and Summer Vocabulary Word Wall

End of the Year and Summer Vocabulary Word Wall 

fathers day word wall 

Father’s Day Word Wall

Kindergarten Bundle
Are you looking for Kindergarten activities?  Check out this bundle with a little of everything to make your winter lessons fun and engaging! 

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Happy Teaching! 

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November 23, 2018

💕FREEBIE Formative Assessment Graphic Organizer for Reading💕

Formative Assessment Graphic Organizer for Reading


Hello everyone!  Here is a great freebie to add precision to your instruction!  Enjoy!


.................... assessments are used during instruction to support the learning process. This student feedback helps us adjust and differentiate ongoing instruction to improve student achievement. 

Most formative assessments are quick and easy and do not take an excessive amount of time. They are easy to use on a daily basis. 

Formative assessments include:
✅ exit tickets
✅ lists
✅ bell ringers
✅ summaries
✅ quick write
✅ check lists: interview and observation
✅ journal your learning reflections
✅ graphic organizers 

✅ lists on sticky notes 
✅ anecdotal notes 

Click here for this great freebie!
Questions to ask:
💕What did we do in class? 

💕Why did we do it? 
💕What did I learn today?
💕How can I apply it?
💕What questions do I have about it? 

Adjust and differentiate ongoing instruction and improve student achievement with this easy to use graphic organizer.


Click here for this great freebie!


Happy Teaching! 



November 21, 2018

💕Procedures not Punishment💕

💕Hello everyone!  💕
Holidays are coming and has me thinking about vacation time and students returning to school.  Time to think about reteaching behaviors I expect!

I practice procedures not punishment.   Teaching and practicing classroom routines and procedures reduces many if not most of the behavior problems in elementary classrooms. Engineering the physical classroom for productive passage and explicit teaching is a must!  When students know what to do and when to do it, classrooms run smoothly.

I explicitly teach expected behavior using the following:
  • Provide a rationale
  • Explain expected behaviors
  • Model expected behaviors
  • Provide opportunities to practice
  • Provide feedback
  • Reteach

Some procedures I teach:

  •  How to walk and enter a room
Lead with a smile and positive learning attitude
  • Where to sit
Boy – girl reminding students that when adults are at work they work together
  •  How to sit
I use a story about what students would think if I lay on my table while teaching
  •  What your body looks like as a student
Sitting up straight, eyes and ears on the teacher

Children should be moving while they learn, so I use activities that include action. Motion wakes up a student’s brain, reduces distractions and fidgeting.  Movement keeps learning fun!  Here are some of my favorite vocabulary activities:

·      End of the line
o   Students line up, single file, taking turns naming vocabulary pictures.  Students go to the ‘end of the line’ by walking around the table to line up for another turn

·       Slap it!
o   Lay out vocabulary cards face up.  Students gather round the table, hands on their heads.  Call out a vocabulary word and the first person to slap the card gets a point.

Happy Teaching!

November 18, 2018

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November 13, 2018

🌻Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey 🌻

 🌻 🌻Hello everyone!

Are you looking for an engaging book study to celebrate this time of year?  Well here it is!

This Thanksgiving literature unit for Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey by Joy Cowley consists of 10 pages. It can be used during the Thanksgiving holiday season for Guided Reading or a book or unit study. 

The printable black lines in this Thanksgiving book study focus on before, during and after reading activities to engage students and deepen reading comprehension and vocabulary. 

There are printables to guide students through prediction, vocabulary, glossary work, alphabetizing, setting, characters, beginning, middle and end of story, connecting story to personal experiences, graphic organizers for comparing and contrasting, reflection and interpretation. 


 🌻 🌻 Click over to the Fun To Teach store and grab your download of this great product!

Great printables to excite and interest your students while reading this great Thanksgiving book!


Happy Teaching! 

Lori 🌻

💕Phrasal Verbs

Hi everyone!
💕I love phrasal verbs.  This is such a tricky area of English for my intermediate and early advanced language learners that I wanted to learn more about them.  I found out that there are 3 types of multi-word verbs:  phrasal verbs, prepositional verbs and phrasal-prepositional verbs.

🌻What are Phrasal Verbs?   In a nut shell, phrasal verb proper is made from a verb and an adverb. Phrasal Verbs can or cannot have direct objects. This appears to be where the 3 types of multi-word verbs differ.

Check out the picture!
Check it out!
Check the picture out!

When a phrasal verb has a direct object we can usually separate the parts.  For example we say,
  • "Take off your coat." 
  • "Take your coat off."
  • "Take it off."
But we don't say
  • "Take off it."
  • "It take off."

Here are some common Phrasal Verbs with Take:
Get up
Switch on
Turn down
Brake down
Put off
Take out

💕Happy Teaching!

November 5, 2018

💥Teaching Dolch Words💥

🌻Hello everyone,
Here is some information on teaching Dolch Words.  I think they are so important to teach all students, but especially struggling readers and  English Language Learners.  Dolch Words can give all students the boost they need to succeed.  Grab our freebie for First Grade Dolch Sight Words here!

What are Dolch Sight Words?
According to Wikipedia, The Dolch word list is a list of frequently used English words compiled by Edward William Dolch, a major proponent of the "whole-word" method of beginning reading instruction. The list was first published in a journal article in 1936 and then published in his book Problems in Reading in 1948. Dolch compiled the list based on children's books of his era, which is why nouns such as "kitty" and "Santa Claus" appear on the list instead of more high-frequency words. The list contains 220 "service words" that have to be easily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency in the English language. The compilation excludes nouns, which comprise a separate 95-word list. Between 50% and 75% of all words used in schoolbooks, library books, newspapers, and magazines are a part of the Dolch basic sight word vocabulary.
These lists of words are still assigned for memorization in American elementary schools. Although most of the 220 Dolch words are phonetic, children are sometimes told that they can't be "sounded out" using common sound-to-letter implicit phonics patterns and have to be learned by sight; hence the alternative term, "sight word". The list is divided according to the grades in which it was intended that children would memorize these words.   Wikipedia

Why do they call them Sight Words?
Sight words, often also called high frequency sight words, are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words in print without having to use any strategies to decode.

Why are Dolch Sight Words important to teach?
Sight words are very important for your child to master because, believe it or not, “sight words account for up to 75% of the words used in beginning children’s printed material”, according to Study to Identify High-Frequency Words in Printed Materials, by D.J. Kear & M.A. Gladhart. There are different sight words for every grade level. Each set of words builds upon the other, meaning that once your child learns the sight words in Kindergarten, he will be expected to still recognize those words as he learns new words in first grade, and so forth.

Practicing Dolch Sight Words
💥Introduce Dolch new sight words in isolation,
💥Use familiar books and identify new and old Dolch sight words in text
💥Schedule daily Dolch sight word instruction, but keep it short under 10 minutes

Here are some resources for Dolch Sight Words:

Happy Teaching!🌻