March 27, 2019

ESL K-5 Curriculum Map a year long pacing guide

ESL/ELD K-5 Curriculum Map

a year long pacing guide!

Planning for the year can be overwhelming. Many of you have been asking me for my ESL/ELD curriculum map so here it is!

This year-long ESL/ELD curriculum map, broken down by week, will help you plan your year for all 3 language levels.

✅ Beginner/early intermediate
✅ Intermediate
✅ Early Advanced/Advanced

Each month, under each language level there are language components that I teach during that month. You more than likely have your own resources, activities and curriculum to teach these components. ♥If I have a product that contains all or parts of the language I teach during that month I have listed it. All resource images are click-able links for your convenience. Just click on the image you want to see and it will take you to my TPT store.♥

Each month has a combination of ELD units and/or grammar components essential for English learners. Again choose some or all of what I have here. Feel free to mix it up to suit you!

Click Here to download from TPT!

Every classroom is different! Every teacher teaches differently, and I tried to create this year curriculum map with many different types of classrooms and teachers in mind. I know you may need to tweak this to the needs of your students, classroom, and administration. That’s OK! For example, March is testing month for me. If you need to switch months around to meet your testing time, that is just fine. Do what is best for your students in your classroom.

There is even a column for holidays, which you can use or not use, your choice. How awesome is that people? I mean the whole year is planned out for you.

Click here to download!

Happy Teaching!

March 18, 2019

Colorful Poetry!

Hello everyone, My darling niece Alex wrote some amazing poetry all around color. Super cool... Pink Pink is the princess in every girl Pink is the shine of a beautiful pearl Pink is a lollipop, nice and sweet Pink tastes like cotton candy , a special treat Pink smells like lovely, light perfume Pink sounds like music that fills all the room Pink feels like a friend when you are love sick Pink looks like a pot of cute lipstick Pink makes me happy and light on my feet Pink is what makes the color wheel complete Blue Blue is sadness, depression, despair Blue is crying everywhere Blue is never having hope Blue tastes like ice cream when you're trying to cope Blue smells like your friends' clothes when you're sobbing on their shoulder Blue sounds like sobbing louder when it gets colder Blue feels like the tears streaming down your face Blue looks like a frown hidden behind a smiling case Blue makes me watch movies that are depressing and sappy Blue is a color that is never happy Green Green is life sprouting out of moist soil Green is a magnificent garden belonging to the royal Green is a tree swaying gracefully in the soft breeze Green tastes like a fresh salad eaten with ease Green smells like a handful of mint, picked fresh and new Green sounds like rustling bushes with critters passing through Green feels like sharp branches poking through your clothes Green looks like a long, thick stem of a deep, red rose Green makes the world full of life and joy Green is the leaves of flowers given to a girl by a boy I hope you all liked them! Thanks for reading! XOXO, Alex Happy Teaching! Lori

March 15, 2019

Regular Past Tense Verbs!

Hi everyone,💃

A few years ago I was teaching past tense verbs to a group of my students.  I started to roll out the songs and old charts and realized I needed to make some new ones.   I like beginning my past tense unit with "The House That Jack Built".  I thought I would post a variety of charts from the past.  They aren't the prettiest charts in the world, but they are effective.

I love this song I wrote!


The brown paper showed the marker well.


The orange paper reflected light.

The white made the marker show easily.

There they I am off to make some new ones!

Happy Teaching!

March 6, 2019



Buddy up! the very first day find a buddy or buddies for your ELL student.  Buddies can orient the student to the school, play at recess, or work together with the ELL on class assignments and projects.  Student to student interaction builds a sense of belonging and community.

Use technology!
Google translate, books on tape, and the wide variety of free phonics programs make learning fun!

Bring out your best charade moves! 
Model and demonstrate what you want the student to do.  Repeat the directions slowly or have a buddy repeat classroom directions.  Be redundant in the way you present information.  Gestures, actions, pictures, objects and writing are all great communication tools to use.  Choose and few and use them regularly.  Check for understanding frequently.

By Consistent! 
Create a variety of simple clear instructions, routines, procedures and expectations.  Using these consistent cues will offer predictably and comprehension for students learning English.

Don’t hesitate to talk! 
Speak to the student directly throughout the day.  Don’t worry if the student does not respond verbally, listening is learning for the ELL student.  Remember that learning is taking place even if the ELL does not speak for the first weeks or months.  Provide opportunities throughout the day for teacher to student interaction.  Don’t let your English learner be a wallflower!  Bring ELLs into your classroom community with lots of direct teacher talk and eye contact!

Be patient! 
When the student does not understand, say less and simplify your speech.

Write it up! 
Post written objectives, vocabulary, and assignments.  Preview and review and allow plenty of time to practice new vocabulary in authentic classroom situations
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Hang it up!
Create and use visual demonstrations during your lessons.  Drawings, charts, maps, graphic organizers and pictures.  Hang them up to increase comprehension of the lessons you teach.

Get hands-on!
Use manipulatives.  Students learn without language when teachers offer learning through hands-on activities. 

Highlight it!
Highlighting vocabulary, important words or summarizing sentences are great ways of modifying assignments for ELLs.   English learners can understand difficult passages by identifying simpler language within the text that clarifies the meaning.

Show what you know! 
ELLs can communicate by labeling, drawing, copying, and underlining.  English learners can create outlines, make charts, diagrams and pictures to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge.  

Speak up when you don’t know!
Teach your ELLs what to do when they don’t know.  Instruct ELLs how to ask a buddy, raise a hand or call the teacher when they don’t understand what to do.   Modeling works great to make sure ELLs know how to ask for clarification.

Communicate with ELD teachers for advice and assistance in creating a learning environment for your ELLs.  Classroom teachers with experience teaching English learners can be a wealth of knowledge.  Tap into their counsel.

Happy Teaching!

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