April 26, 2019

💕Friday Freebie

💕Hello Teachers,

In celebration of my 💕💕33rd wedding anniversary 💕💕here is a Friday freebie for all of you teaching math in Spanish or wanting to send home Spanish homework!

This is a 26-page unit that has essential math vocabulary to build a foundation of math understanding. You can use it whole class, with second language learners or struggling math students. 
The 15 carefully selected math vocabulary words integrate kid-friendly definitions with rich information about the concept. 

Words included are: poligono, figuras congruentes, simetria, ordenacion, diametro, lineas paralelas, lineas perpendiculares, area, angulos, cilindros, perimetro, rombo, cubo, esfera y cono. 
This Math Game packet includes black line masters to reproduce and use as games and activities.

This package includes: 7 Math Games:
•Match It Up!
•I Know the Word
•Tic Tac Go!
•And the Answer Is!
•Word Association
•A Game of 20 Questions


Also included:
• Flashcard Mania
• Math Games as Homework


Reproducible black lines included in this package:
-activities to send home
-easy to use teacher
-teacher's guides
-easy game assembly
-variety of games
-complete game boards and game cards
-activity black line masters

Click here to download!

Happy teaching💕!

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