March 16, 2021

ESL Year-Long Lessons| ELD Teacher Bundle

Attention ESL Teachers...

Here it is!
ESL Year-Long Lesson plans| ELD Teacher Resource Bundle is for all Language Levels!

All in one bundle of year-long ESL Curriculum that provides ELD resources for all English Language Learner (ELL) levels. The activities in this month-by-month ELD bundle provide your English Language Learners the opportunity to acquire and practice English to improve fluency, parts of speech, vocabulary, and grammar.

The best part is that we have done the heavy lifting for you! This bundle requires minimal PREP on your end!

Each week gives your ELL students the opportunity to learn and practice targeted parts of speech and vocabulary. It's the bundle every teacher of ELLs needs.


ESL Year-Long Lesson plans| ELD Teacher Resource Bundle is for all Language Levels!

  • ELL Newcomers
  • Beginners/Early intermediate English Learners
  • Intermediate ELLs
  • Early Advanced and Advanced English Language Learners


The games and activities in this bundle are great practice for all your English language learners. Use these engaging resources in centers, independent work time, whole class, or small groups.



ESL & ELD K-5 Curriculum Map - a FREE year-long pacing guide!

ESL Year-Long Lesson plans| ELD Teacher Resource Bundle is for all Language Levels!


Each month features:

All the ESL resources that are suggested in the curriculum guide for that month for each language level

Lesson Plans for each resource

Monthly Word Walls

Writing Activities

Parts of Speech focus resources

Games and Activities

And much more



Nouns & Articles







❥Regular Past Tense - 3 sounds of ed

❥Irregular Past Tense

❥Past Participle

❥Phrasal Verbs - informal and formal Vocabulary






Thematic Units feature:

ESL Lesson Plans


ELD Songs and Chants


Units for each ELL language level

Language Functions

Language Forms ( grammatical forms, sentence patterns, sentence starters)


Thematic Vocabulary



Vocabulary Development Lessons:

Cognate Word Wall and Journal

Academic Vocabulary Expansion

Math Vocabulary units:

❥Number Sense Vocabulary





❥Number Sense

Formal and Informal Language

Semantic Gradients

Number Prefixes


Word Walls:

Back To School

Community People


President's Day

Valentine's Day

Dolch Words Pre K - 3rd Grade

End of the Year

Father's Day


You will also love:


Graphic Organizers

Tongue Twisters

Reading Strategy Songs

Learning Centers Made Simple

Songs and Chants for ESL


Flip Books for numbers 0-19 and skip counting

St Patrick's Day Idioms

Sentence Starters

ESL Year-Long Lesson plans| ELD Teacher Resource Bundle is for all Language Levels!

Excellent curriculum for classroom teachers, ELD teachers, speech therapy, and intervention. Buy it here:
ESL Year-Long Lesson plans| ELD Teacher Resource Bundle is for all Language Levels!


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All Fun To Teach math games are bilingual elementary math games and are available in English and Spanish.

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March 11, 2021

ESL Program Vocabulary & ELL Terminology

Must know ESL terms and terminology when working with English Language Learners ELLs

Hello everyone,

Have you ever been confused after having a conversation with a colleague or administrator about one of your English Language Learners (ELLs)?  Did some of the English as a Second Language (ESL) acronyms or phrases confuse you when teaching, discussing, and/or sharing information about English Learners?  

You are not alone.  

There are so many terms in education and they are constantly shifting. 
I have compiled a list of terms to help wade through the confusion.  This is just a beginning ELL glossary, so to start with, here is some must-know ESL terminology.

Terminology when referring to students:

English Language Learner (ELL) ~

refers to students who are learning English as a second language.  It includes anyone who doesn’t speak English fluently or who is still acquiring English.

Limited English Proficient (LEP) ~

refers to a student’s language level.  LEP was employed for years to label children as English Learners. Now replaced by terms like ELL.

Early Childhood English Language Learner (ECELL) ~

refers to a student below age 5 who is acquiring English as a second language.

Language minority (LM) ~

refers to a student from a family where a language other than English is spoken. It does not signify how well the student speaks or understands English.

Terminology when referring to programs:

Content-based E.S.L. ~

refers to a model of language education using content curriculum, activities, study skills, and strategies of second language learning to teach English. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) ~

refers to English language programs (push in and pull out) that focus on instruction in English to English Learners. 

English to Speakers of Other Languages(ESOL) ~ 

refers to language courses at the elementary and secondary levels.  It can be also used with Adult ESL classes. 

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) ~

refers to instruction in or the learning of English for a certain segment of business or a particular career.  

Immersion Method ~ 

refers to a  program model where children are submerged in English.  The English learner is put in English classes without a model, program, or any structure in place to learn English.  The English learner is to learn English by being surrounded by or immersed in the language.

Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) ~ 

refers to a method of teaching and learning English using a variety of technology and electronic media.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) ~ 

refers to a teacher training program for teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)  ~ 

refers to teacher education programs to teach English as a Second Language.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) ~ 

refers to specific education for teachers who teach English language learners.  This can also refer to the professional tests to certify a teacher in ESL. 

I hope this list will help you out in your next conversation about English Language Learners or ESL programs!

Happy Teaching,

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