July 27, 2021

Back to School with English Learners!

Will you have English learners in your classroom this year?

It can be a bit unnerving for teachers when they first have English learners (ELs) in your classroom.

The following simple ideas will help pave the way to a fun year of learning with your English learners.

The number one thing to know is: 

do what you already do… establish a warm, and supportive learning environment for all students including second language learners.    

As teachers, we know that creating a safe and secure classroom environment includes such things as:
    •Arrange the classroom in a way to maximize interaction with clear     walkways and designated work areas
    •Post student work   
    •Display classroom rules and procedures
    •Model kindness, patience, and respect
    •Smile often, laughing with our students, and giving explicit positive     reinforcement

Establish a sense of belonging: 

by seating ELs in the middle of the room toward the front-facing the teacher to create a sense of belonging in your English learners.  Make regular eye contact.  Some teachers think they should not put second language students on the spot and don’t interact with them.  I feel this allows an ELL to slip to the edges of a classroom, never participating, speaking, or learning. Offer support by asking ELLs to repeat a simple statement from another student.  That keeps the student engaged while lowering the affective filter!

Integrate Ells’ first language and culture: 

incorporate all students into the classroom by putting up posters, books, songs, and pictures of different cultures.

Use Word Walls:

ensure a sheltered and supportive classroom for your English language learners by including labels for your room and classroom objects that include words clearly printed.  This builds vocabulary.  Help limited or non-speakers comprehend by having them draw pictures on the word wall cards so they know where things go and what they are called.
Don't forget to put up your word walls!

Word walls draw attention to the words you are teaching and are used in whole class or small group activities.  Word walls provide a systematic visual vocabulary organizer that aides children in seeing and remembering connections between words and the characteristics that help them form categories and schemas to remember how to use them.

Click here to get your free Back to School Word Wall

Back To School Word Wall Freebie!

Remember to develop and maintain predictable procedures, schedules, and routines.  I model and practice these often during the first weeks of school and adhere to them throughout the year.  Posting a schedule, content and language objectives, rules, lunch menus, and bus schedules gives a sense of security to students.  Try to always include pictures and simple wording.

Further that sense of belonging by designing classroom jobs appropriate for ELL students.  There are many classroom jobs that a limited speaker can do such as:  Handing out papers, posting lunch numbers, etc.

Have fun this year! 
Happy Teaching!

Here is another great product to start out your year! 
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July 22, 2021

Freebie Time for Back To School

Hello everyone!
I hope you are enjoying the summer!
I have been working in the garden~ ha-ha, that is not new!
I am teaching summer school this year and am really excited.  We are learning English through a variety of science experiments.  My students are loving it and so am I!

Freebie Time!

The Free Back to School Lessons By The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs MC – 2021 is available as a TpT free download.  This great resource is packed with a variety of freebies that will get your new year off on the right foot!  Click here to get yours now!

Look at all the free resources that are included in this one download:
  • Apple Number Puzzles FREEBIE
  • School Graphing for Young Learners
  • FREEBIE!!! First Day of School Crowns Customizable TK-5th
  • Compound Word Activities and Compound Word Puzzles FREE
  • Back to School Night Forms and Checklists Freebie in English and Spanish
  • Back to School Activity First Grade (100 Chart Mystery Picture Puzzle)
  • ESL & ELD K-5 Curriculum Map - a FREE year-long pacing guide!  (That’s me)
  • Back to School About Me Craft Activity
  • Writing Process Posters Engineering Themed
  • Multiplication Matching Game
  • 3rd Grade Math Spiral Review Worksheets Free Sample | Digital and Printable
  • My College Application
  • Back-to-School Guided Limerick Writing About Self Activity - Print or Digital
  • Back to School Activities FREEBIE
  • Free Coupon-based Classroom Management System
  • Using Mental Math to Make Numbers Using Number Tiles FREE
  • STEM Daily Discussion Starters, Journal Prompts, and Fillers - Sept.
  • Icebreakers Task Cards Getting to Know You Questions for Back-to-School SAMPLER
  • PREGO Capitolo 11 Spesa e Spese TOMBOLA
  • Choosing a Career for 9-12th Grades and Homeschool **Free Guide**
  • A Sampling of Sentence Patterns Grammar Worksheets
  • Free Back to School Lessons
  • Free Winter Holiday Lessons
  • Free Valentine’s Day Lessons
  • Free End of the Year Lessons
  • 100+ Free Lessons & Teaching Ideas
  • TBOTE and TBOTEMC Blogs
  • TBOTE Facebook page
  • The Best of TpT Pinterest Boards

Speaking of freebies!

Check out this great back-to-school Word Wall from Fun To Teach!

If you know of any great freebies, let me know!
Happy Teaching,

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