May 11, 2022

Using Songs and Chants in the ELD Classroom

Ready to engage your English Language Learners?

Songs and Chants are a dynamic part of an ESL lesson. Songs/ Chants set the stage for the lesson and help focus English Language Learners - ELLs - on the vocabulary and grammatical structure you are teaching.

Here is a simple lesson plan to use to get your second language learners - English newcomers to advanced language learners singing and focusing on all of your language lessons!  

GROUPING: Whole class
OBJECTIVE: To introduce a song/chant
• Student copies of the song/chant
• The song/chant written on chart paper

• Sing or chant the song first to your students
• Focus on pronunciation
• Anchor your student’s attention by teaching your students to always “look at my mouth.” Help them make the correct mouth and facial movements as you help them pronounce words correctly
• Hand out mirrors and see if your students can make their mouth “look like yours” when pronouncing new words or difficult sounds

VARIATION: Gesture as you sing Sing one part more than once

I hope you have fun with students while engaging them in every lesson you teach using Songs and Chants!

Happy Teaching!
Need more lesson plan ideas?  Click here!

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