June 28, 2022

Informal and Formal English and a freebie! 🤸🏿‍♂️

Informal and Formal English

Summer is here, which means the school year is behind us, and rejuvenation time is happening! I know the feeling of finishing
up your end-of-year checklist and breathing a sigh of relief that you made it oh so well.

What does summer have in store for you? Are you taking a rest or are you teaching summer school? 

There are always students who need to learn and those of us who teach summer school rise to the occasion! If that’s you, you may be channeling your energy into your next project: making summer school fun but worthwhile! 

Read on to take a look at a freebie that you NEED for summer school (or the beginning of next year), a fun word to define, and an engaging
resource to help your students practice understanding where and how to speak different types of English.

Word of the Week:


To move with a clumsy tread
AKA how you’re probably moving to your couch to kick your feet up after a long school year of teaching!

Do you have newcomers in your summer school class this year? 

I’ll bet you do! Or are you expecting newcomers this fall?
This freebie is just what you need to get started on the right foot. Unit 1 of my ESL Newcomer Units is free. Download the first unit for free to see what an impact this resource will make this summer! 
Featuring flipbooks, survival vocabulary task cards, and an alphabet review, this resource covers several basic English skills exposing your students to novice-level English tasks.

Looking for other resources for your newcomers? Because ELL students learn BICS (basic interpersonal communication skills) first, they may be communicating in unpolished English featuring a lot of slang. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we want to teach our ELLs to use
the correct register when they’re in the classroom. My Formal & Informal Language resource is great for all levels of language learners. Watch as your students become engaged by discussing
the complexities of the English language by sorting, matching, and playing games with the content. Take a look at my Formal & Informal Language resource below:

No matter where you’re spending your time this summer, in or out of the classroom, I hope this summer is full of sunshine and smiles as you reflect on this past school year and prepare for the one to come, some sooner than later!
My very best,

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