July 26, 2022

Math Fact Fluency

Math Fact Fluency 

I hope you’re having a sweet start to your summer! Some parts of the world are already experiencing heat in the 100s. Wherever you are, I hope that you’re staying cool and rested. And if you’re teaching summer school, I hope that you find shade on the playground and engaging activities to do with your students inside to beat the heat.

Word of the Week: 


Literally: a chain or shackle for the feet

Figuratively: something that confines or restrains someone

Don’t let the fetters of last school year influence summer school or the 2022-2023 school year!

You’re buying freeze pops for your summer school class. You left your roster at home, so you decide to do some quick math to figure out how many freeze pops you need to buy. You know that you have 6 students sitting together in table groups and 5 table groups total. How many students do you have altogether? How many freeze pops should you buy? Hopefully, you know how to multiply 6 X 5 to find the answer, but your students may not! They may need a multiplication refresher. 

Summer school is a great time to review areas that students may have struggled with throughout the school year. For several students, multiplication is difficult. So why not give students more practice this summer? 

My Multiplication Fast Facts Bundle features activities with multiplication facts for numbers 0-12. Featuring timed tests with 100 problems per page, tons of games to practice multiplication keywords, a multiplication table, and a graph to chart growth, this resource is just what you need to help students practice multiplication skills. When it comes to ESL learners, teaching vocabulary keywords is so important. The games included with this bundle are not only engaging but also meaningful ways to allow ESL learners to practice using content language for math. Watch as their vocabulary and their confidence rises with these activities.

Freebie Alert!

Looking for ways to supplement for your Spanish-speaking newcomers? Try this set of 0-1 Multiplication Games in Spanish for FREE. Discover how helpful it is for your Spanish-speaking newcomers to make connections between their first and second language by using this freebie alongside the English bundle. 

Teaching newcomer students content can be intimidating, but don’t take the easy way out by giving them busy work. I challenge you to find ways for them to engage with the content this summer. It just takes baby steps. Feel free to check out any of the resources in my shop or reach out for help. I never mind pointing you in the right direction.

My very best,

July 19, 2022

Everyday with ELLS

Teacher See Teacher Do

Hello everyone,

April over at Teacher Say Teacher Do has a great freebie to download and I wanted to share it with you!

She made a colorful visual one page reminder for teachers of the most effective strategies to use when working with second language learners.

Click here to go to her Teachers Pay Teachers store and download your free copy today!

Happy Teaching! 


July 12, 2022

ESL Songs and Chants

ELL Songs and Chants

Hi everyone,

I love using songs and chants during my lessons.

Much of the input students receive during ELD is visual.  Songs and Chants offer another venue for students to learn the lesson objective through music and rhythm.

As an ANTICIPATORY SET, songs and chants hook the students.  They can set the stage for your lesson and emphasize your language objectives.

Songs and Chants provide the ENGAGEMENT AND MOTIVATION all within the context of learning.  Songs and Chants give meaning to students and they relax as they sing and play.

Songs and Chants can trigger emotions and lower AFFECTIVE FILTERS.  Students socialize through Songs/Chants.  They can listen to themselves sing, and practice the reproduction of English songs while enjoying the rhythm.  Finally, Songs and Chants help second language learners express their feelings.

Songs and Chants can be a perfect addition to any lesson!
Have fun!

Happy Teaching! Lori

ESL & ELD Songs and Chants Volume I SING IT LOUD! SING IT CLEAR!  This 51-page collection of ELD and ESL songs and black lines are perfect for every classroom with second language learners. Open every lesson with a song or chant from this rich collection of ELD based lyrics and watch your students' fluency grow. Volume I includes 22 songs/ chants, lesson ideas and activities that will raise the oral academic language of your students to new heights. The songs and chants are sung to familiar popular songs or the lyrics are used in call backs or chant style tunes. These lyrics provide a compelling way to begin your ELD lesson while targeting complex English Structures. You and your students will enjoy these engaging and memorable lyrics.  Songs and Chants for: Possessive Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns Present Tense Questions Regular Past Tense Verbs Past Tense Questions Present Perfect Prepositions  Language levels included: Beginning Intermediate Advanced

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